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As painful as it is to type, summer is officially half over. On September 2nd, 2014 we will all officially be heading back to school. We have spent much of this month at my parents home in my home town of Clifford, Ontario. I have spent time with public school, high school and friends made through athletics and via summer jobs.


The truly shocking part has been how wonderfully our children get along. It is a very surreal experience to see how the next generation interacts, so very similar to how I did in my youth, with he offspring of those I shared my hopes, dreams and shed tears with so very long ago.


Talk about eating my words, this past week I tweeted that I was avoiding seeing the movie Planes. Just days later here I am at the Hanover Drive-In, watching it on the large screen old-school style while my son sits in his Planes tent, cuddled in his Planes sleeping bag and holding onto his Planes lantern. Nothing says summer in Southern, Ontario like a drive in on a Friday night and me being wrong.




July has also brought many road trips and mini breaks along with way.  Trying to keep my children occupied has been challenging. DD 10 has taken up photography , this is one of her favourites so far.



Yes, I know. This is my best side.

I am sending everyone good thoughts as we embark on the last half of the summer. Thank you for following along with our #GuthrieFamilyAdventure.

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This summer the Guthrie kids are testing out the best toys the Summer of 2014 has to offer. With three children under ten, we have a wide variety of likes and interests. Luckily we have found toys that make all of the mini-me’s happy.

All three Guthrie’s wanted either a puppy, guinea pig, kitten or a new baby brother (WHAT?). A compromise needed to be reached in order to bring order back into our home.

We decided to add some aquatic members to our family. Meet the two newest members of our swimming family,



and Bubble Puffy Guthrie.



We named our Hexbug Aquabot Orangie and she is the first waterborne mirco robotic creature with smart fish technology. She is powered with electro-magnietic propoulsion, and propells herself around her bowl to explore her envormonement. Orangie came with her own bowl that the kids clean once a week as part of their chores.

The only issue the kids had with Orangie was that they thought she was lonely. So our next pet needed to be someone to keep Orangie  company. We decided on another Hexbug, this time a Aquabot 2.0 Angelfish, named Bubble Puffy Guthrie,  which is packed with smart fish technology, added sensors and an inner glow that makes her seem even more alive.

We have taken our Aquabot in the our pool and raced them, most of the time Bubble Puffy wins. Both fish made the trek to Grandma’s house this summer and have provided entertainment for the cats who live here.

Thanks to Hexbug for allowing us to test these hot summer products. These fish have quelled the “Can I have a puppy, kitten, new baby brother”,  question at least for a little while.




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