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Having the opportunity to play hockey with my son, just as my Dad did with me, has been one of the most memorable experiences of my hockey life. After bumps, bruises and a few scrapped knees from our road hockey adventures we are now ready to take our game to the ice. We tried IP hockey two years ago but as a November baby he was just not ready to make the leap to an organized hockey environment.


This summer, just before we headed back to school. I applied for a once in a life time opportunity with my friends Mom Central Canada to attend a BioSteel NHL Training Camp with Mazada Canada. Remember, I am not a “big blogger” I have a small but loyal following (that I appreciate everyday) but Mom Central Canada recognized that hockey is in my DNA and I should attend this event.

The players on my media day were:


We made the trek to Toronto to a secret location and were welcomed by the #MazdaFan team. The kids and I were given jerseys and the closest seats to ice we could possibly find. I could hear the chirping between the players as they skated & jostled with each other. The sound of their skates against the fresh ice gave me goosebumps.




There was something else, but it’s hard to describe, that was evident in this training camp environment. I’m not sure if it was watching the Subban brothers give each other a tap here and there, or watching the massive Brian McGrattan thunder down the ice with a childlike smile on his face as he placed the puck behind the goalie, but it felt pressure-less as if they were playing for themselves not a logo on their jerseys.


Here is a commercial made during the training camp with Paul Bissonette for Mazda Canada:

My son insisted on bringing his hockey gear in to the arena. Once we settled into our seats he watched the players, and cheered as they scored. Beckett pressed his face up to the glass to see how close he could get to the players and his ears to hear the banter. He quickly decided to put his gear on in the stands.


I noticed the #DrinkThePink & #Camp hash tags on the players jerseys. I did a little googling and found BioSteel. Impressive company, with the very accomplished Matt Nicole and the story behind BioSteel:


“A veteran strength and conditioning coach with over 12 years of experience coaching athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA, CFL, Tennis and Athletics Canada Matt has helped hundreds of clients break through their training plateaus with his innovative approach to training and nutrition.
Prior to his sports training days, Matt worked in Sport Supplement formulation, travelling the world sourcing the highest grade ingredients and techniques. He is Canada’s first Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor. Metabolic Typing scientifically identifies the ideal diet and supplements for each individual.
While training NHL athletes, Matt increasingly unsatisfied with the supplements his players were consuming – fearful they were doing more harm than good. In 2004 when the league unveiled strict anti-doping testing, Matt knew it was time to take matters into his own hands.
With his nutrition background and a team of reputable scientists, they formulated a safe and high-caliber sports nutrition product which today has become the #1 purchased product in North American pro sport and used by exercise enthusiasts worldwide.
Since Biosteel products were originally formulated for Matt Nichol’s professional athletes, they were designed as top shelf products using the world’s finest available ingredients.
Former Maple Leaf player and fitness enthusiast Gary Roberts swears by BioSteel recommending it to anyone seeking a safe competitive advantage.

Every production lot of BioSteel undergoes comprehensive testing from an accredited lab and prestigious banned substance screening program with WADA and Anti-Doping experience.”


Overall this experience made me want to play hockey again, with the same joy that the players during our sessions exhibited. Thanks to Mazda Canada for hosting, BioSteel for providing samples and Mom Central Canada for the opportunity to attend.


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Disclosure: I was part of the Mazda BioSteel Hockey Training Camp Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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