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Cottage season is here and the Guthrie family is prepping for another fantastic summer on the lake.  Cooking at our cottage can be a challenge depending on the size of the crowd. As I would rather spend more time on the dock than in the kitchen, I’ve created some easy cottage recipes that save time without sacrificing taste.

Beckett vs The Fish

Beckett vs the fish

We have been testing two separate dishes using the very adaptable Demptster’s  Ancient Grain Tortillas for our first cottage weekend.  The first recipe is one that the kids can and the second can be created completely on the BBQ.


Dempster Ancient Grain Tortilla

Yummy, easy to make on the BBQ.


I prep everything we need to create the perfect hassle free cottage pizza including slicing the peppers & mushrooms, shredding the cheese and pre making our homemade pizza sauce. The kids then chose their own toppings and place everything onto a Demptster’s  Ancient Grain Tortilla. Beckett gives this two thumbs up!



Cottage Hack Pizza

Good Pizza = Happy Kids

Sherrie-Mae’s Home Pizza Sauce

250 ml of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 small can of tomato paste ( low salt option is best)

1 roasted garlic clove (medium)

1/4 tsp Nutmeg

1/2 tbsp dried Oregano, Basil & Rosemary

Salt & Pepper to taste

There is no cooking needed for this recipe. I mix everything in a mason jar the night before we go to the cottage & we spread it on the tortillas just before we pop the cottage hack pizza into the oven or on the BBQ. Just perfect.


The next cottage hack recipe is a family favourite. In order to make my time at the cottage less about working & more about enjoying our time together as a family I prep everything at home. I prep the pork roast the evening before by removing any excess fat & salt and pepper to taste and place in a sealed container in the fridge for a transport to the cottage.

Cottage Crowd Pleaser!

BBQ Pork Loin with Maple Syrup Marinade on a bed of Mexican rice & spring mix on a toasted Ancient Grain Tortilla

 Sherrie-Mae’s Maple Dijon Marinade 

125 ml Canadian Maple Syrup (dark)

25 ml Apple Cider Vinegar

10 ml Yellow Mustard 

10 ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Pinch of Brown Sugar

Salt & Pepper to taste

I simply combine all the ingredients in a mason jar and shake until well mixed. Once the pork loin is on the BBQ I brush on the marinade onto each side of the pork loin. I also slightly toast the tortilla on the BBQ to give it a crunchy texture. The unused marinade can be mixed with balsamic vinegar for a light salad dressing.

If you are interested in finding out more about the versatile tortillas I used in my cottage hack recipes, follow along on the Dempster’s social media channels. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Enjoy and let me know if you tried these recipes at our cottage!




As parent, educator and community coach, being aware of the mental health of my children, my students and the athletes I coach,  is a key component in assisting them to be successful. In all three scenarios I try to lead by example with positive reinforcement and listen more then I speak.

I have been proud client of RBC since the 1980’s, I opened my first account in our petite local branch on the main street in my hometown. When I found out about the RBC Run for Kids, I knew I had to be involved.



A little about where the financial support of the race will go:

As many as two million young people in Canada are struggling with mental health issues such as an anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, depression or addiction, and yet only one in five will get specialized treatment. This is largely because families don’t know where to turn to find the services their children need.

“The Family Navigation Project helps families who have a young person suffering from a mental health issue or addiction,” says Dr. Anthony Levitt, medical director of the Family Navigation Project. “We find the help and find it now.”

There are plenty of mental health services available for young people, he says, but the system is confusing. It can be extremely difficult for families to find their way to the right program, especially during a crisis. Sunnybrook’s Family Navigation Project partners families with professional navigators. These navigators are knowledgeable about what services exist, and become allies in guiding families toward the right care at the right time.

Thanks to generous support from the RBC Run for the Kids™, the Family Navigation Project has launched ahead of schedule and is already servicing vulnerable youth in the GTA.


There are 3 different race lengths for racers to enjoy; 5km, 15km, 25 km. Which one is right for you?

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned runner, this is the event for you. You choose the distance that works for you and we’ll help you every step of the way. Tips from Sunnybrook experts will help you train and get you to the finish line. Best of all, you’ll be helping youth with mental health issues to find the specialized care they need.

Last year, in its very first year, RBC Run for the Kids™ attracted 4,500 participants and raised an astounding $1.2 million for youth mental health. With your support, this year we can go even further to help young people get back on track to a brighter future.

All routes start and finish at Mel Lastman Square.

There are several training blogs that showcase individuals at different stages of training, on the RBC site as well as training tips, how to train schedules and training clinics.


The race is September 20th, 2014. Will be you be there? For more information on volunteering, participating and donating to this amazing race please check out the RBC Run for Kids site. Did I mention there are prizes from the fabulous sponsors? You never know I might see you at the finish line.



I cannot wait to support  the “Shop for Hope” campaign at my local Winners & HomeSense stores between Saturday April 12 and Sunday May 11, 2014. As Mother’s Day & Easter are quickly approaching I will purchasing specially marked Canadian Women’s Foundation products as the perfect gift for my loved ones. Tshirt


The net proceeds from the Shop for Hope collection, including t-shirts, pillows, jewellery boxes and mugs will help raise hope for women and children in local communities across Canada.


“With 50% of women in Canada experiencing physical or sexual abuse, violence against women is a critical issue. Through this annual campaign, we want to raise hope for women who have experienced abuse as well as build awareness about the issue of violence against women in Canada,” says Mina Mawani, President and CEO, Canadian Women’s Foundation. “Supporting and investing in emergency shelters and violence prevention programs helps provide women who have experienced abuse access to a safe place and opportunities to learn the skills they need to rebuild their lives and live free from violence.”



Shoppers can also purchase Hope decals for $2, $5 or $10 with all proceeds going directly to the Canadian Women’s Foundation’s 10th annual campaign to end violence against women.

I will feel good about purchasing these items to help support the Shop for Hope campaign. My favourite items are the decorative elephant, classic mugs and inspirational sports towels.

“WINNERS and HomeSense are committed to helping the Canadian Women’s Foundation raise hope and end violence against women. Together, along with other campaign partners, we are proud to have collectively raised more than $12 million over the past nine years to support women who have experienced abuse,” said Shannon Johnson, WINNERS HomeSense spokesperson. “Our carefully created beautiful Shop for Hope products inspire people to join this cause and help women in Canada who have experienced violence to rebuild their lives.”

I am giving away a Shop for Hope gift pack to one of my readers. The giveaway will begin on April 13th and end on April 28th.

It is easy to enter, just tell me what is your favourite Shop for Hope item. You can enter once per day!

For bonus entries:
1. Follow me on Instagram (SherrieGuthrie) then come back and tell me your handle so I can follow you.

3. Follow me on Twitter  @SherrieMae23 and/or @PRMomOttawa then come back and tell me our handle so I can follow you.

The Canadian Museum of Nature is launching an new video and speaker series called Nature Talk, beginning tonight, January 15, 2013. This series is running one evening each month,  from January 2013  until April 2013. What appeals to me most about this style of speaker series, is the adaptability  the video segments will have in the classroom. Listening to the TED Talk style videos with experts, noted journalists, and the candid discussions that follow will give students a different view of the subject matter. The notion of what if comes in to play, which gives both the participants and observers an entry point for an outside the box discussion. Once the videos are posted online at people vote on the scenarios proposed or give input about questions from each session. Each video segment will be posted one week after the actual taping takes place. If you are a member of the museum you have first priority in gaining admission to each 40 seat session. Tonight’s session, focused on “de-extinction” is sold out. There are two more English sessions hosted by Globe and Mail science correspondent Ivan Semeniuk. While,  Journalist and TFO host Fabieene L’Abbe will host the French session on February 19th.

Below is a session topic list for the upcoming sessions:

 Wednesday, January 15 (English presentation): De-Extinction: Rethinking Forever – Ivan Semeniuk speaks with palaeontologist and research scientist Dr. Jordan Mallon. (session full).

Wednesday, February 19 (French presentation): Species Hybridization: Re-Thinking Extinction – Fabienne l’Abbe speaks with biologist and curator Dr. Kamal Khidas.

Wednesday, March 18 (English presentation): Plant Intelligence: Re-Thinking Thinking – Ivan Semeniuk speaks with botanist and research assistant Paul Sokoloff.

Wednesday, April 16 (English presentation): Parasites: Re-Thinking Healthy – Ivan Semeniuk speaks with biologist and collections manager Judith Price.

This type of event inspires the participant to re- think, fundamental scientific theories such as extinction and question the notion of what if. This is a more cerebral event, somewhere my inner paleontologist can come out to play and think beyond the written word.

Thank you to Dan and Laura for the opportunity to let my inner geek out to play.

There are three sessions left and limited availability for seating, check out the link for more information.




Coffee is my forte, good coffee that is. I have had a decade long love affair with @StarbucksCanada. Over a Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte, I have laughed, cried, shared pregnancy stories and grown closer with my girlfriends. You could say, I am loyal customer.

I also believe in the power of good karma and random acts of kindness. That is why I am happy to announce that Starbucks has an easier than ever way to send someone you love a coffee. I cannot tell you how many times on Twitter I have sent a virtual coffee or caffeine to a bleary eyed #earlyriser. My #EarlyRiser tweeps and I have at length conversations about the beauty of the coffee we are consuming. Now I can actually send them my favourite Starbucks coffee via Twitter.

Vice-President of Starbucks Canada Richard Burjaw, explains the program:

“Starbucks is a gathering place that creates moments of connection between people every day. Tweet-a-coffee is a brand new way for our customers to connect with friends and followers and share the gift of Starbucks instantly. Whether it’s to say #thank you, #congratulations or simply #justbecause we’re thrilled to enable the ability for customers to spread some kindness.”

Who will your first Tweet-a-Coffee tweet go to? Your BFF on the other side of the country, your favourite Olympic hockey player in Sochi,  when she/he scores her/his first goal of the games, or the weather man when he tells you the Polar Vortex is officially over. Whomever it is, you will make their day. Thanks to the partnership between @TwitterCanada and @StarbucksCanada my gift giving experience has just become easier & a little more personal for me. Combining  my love of Starbucks and my Twitter addiction into a tool for goodwill…oh yes, life is good my friends, life is good.

The fabulous head of Twitter Canada, Kirstine Stewart, explains:

“Canadians are among the world’s most active Internet users and with millions of Canadians engaging on Twitter, Tweet-a-Coffee represents an incredible opportunity for Canadians to engage, share and gift in new, simple way.” 

Just a few clicks and your Tweet-a-Coffee is on its way to make someone’s day:

Beginning today, registered Starbucks account customers across Canada can now send a $5.00 Starbucks Card eGift through Twitter by following a few simple steps:

  • Visit to get started and to link your Starbucks account and your Twitter account
  • Follow the instructions to send a Tweet to @tweetacoffee and to the gift recipient’s Twitter handle
  • The recipient will receive a link on Twitter with details on how to claim their $5 eGift.
  • You can send more eGifts directly on Twitter by sending a Tweet using @tweetacoffee

Customers can redeem the $5 Starbucks Card eGift at participating Starbucks stores in Canada either by printing out the eGift, showing it directly on their mobile device, or by loading it to their Starbucks mobile app.  Customers in Canada can also send eGifts via email online at


This is just the program I have been waiting for. I cannot tell you how many times I have checked Facebook or Twitter and found out it was someone’s birthday. I usually call my Sister or Mother and ask them to send flowers, but now I can just tweet a happy birthday message & a coffee from my favourite coffee-house.

This YouTube video was released explaining how to Tweet a Coffee, basically “a new way to say, you are awesome”.

Who will you send your first Tweet-a-Coffee to? 


Ottawa's Fury KidsTwitter is an amazing place. You can find people buying, selling and propagating their opinions and views. Once in a while, I come across a tweet that makes me stop and think. This was exactly what happened when I came across a tweet from @PropertyStaged. To be clear, I don’t know Micheline the owner, nor have I used her services but I know a good karma tweet when I see one. I just had a good feeling about the intent behind tweet and the person behind this event. Here is the little bit more about the history of Help Ottawa Fur Kids from the organizer Micheline:


“Well first off, I have to admit, it is pretty amazing what you can do with a little idea and some great people who support you. My name is Micheline and I am the owner of Property Staged – a Home Staging and Redesign company here in Ottawa. I am also the proud owner of 3 “Fur Kids” – Riley, Jake and Baxter (dogs) and a 21-year-old leopard gecko named Leo. 

It is very rewarding to be able to help animal rescue shelters/fosters find homes for some amazing animals who never really got a fair chance in the first place or seeing families getting their family pet back. I am doing this because I know together we can make a difference. There are a lot of great rescued animals out there that need our help. I cannot believe how many go missing, or need help, so it’s time to work together to get this problem solved.

First of all 100% of the money raised will be going to Ottawa animal shelters/fosters in need. Once the amount is totalled – it will be shared with the places and animals that need it most. I am a very honest business person who runs her own successful company – people trust me in their homes alone and with their valuables every day. I set up a separate bank account, and all the funds raised sit there until needed. Last year I donated Pet Smart gift cards to various Ottawa rescues, helped 2 dogs Scotch and Louis get emergency surgery and various other smaller donations to people asking for help to fund searches for their lost dogs (Rosie, Zoey & Monty) who are all happily are back with their families. I simply do this for the animals. If my dogs ever needed help or went missing, I would hope someone would help. The more money we raise, the more places and animals we can help out!”

This year’s fundraising format will be an online auction, instead of an online auction. The auction will take place from February 1st – February 6 th at noon. Micheline, is still looking for prize donations to add to her auction. This is an excellent opportunity for a business to be promoted & help the furry kids in Ottawa.

PRMomOttawa will be donating a prize and help promote this worthwhile event. Are you interested in donating? Please contact Micheline at or the find out more information at

Sherrie-Mae 🙂 

I have been a client of Telus Mobility for close to 20 years, bottom line, I am happy with the customer-service, cost and the wide range of technological tools they offer for both my home & business. This is not a sponsored post, this is a company displaying corporate responsibility that impressed me as both a client and a social responsible member of planet earth.

I read this post written by, Dom Repta, a Senior Sustainability Analyst at TELUS, after reading his tweet & contributing my own green tips.


How you can make a difference

As we all know, a new year is fast approaching. While the roll over to January 1 means nothing on a geological time scale, it does mean something on the human scale. It’s a new beginning where we are hopeful we can improve on the previous year’s shortcomings.


My fellow team member and I were brainstorming ways that we could promote sustainable living in the New Year. We didn’t want to run your typical resolution campaign, so we have a different type of challenge for you that we’re calling The TELUS 31 Day Sustainability Challenge. That’s right. We want you to consciously participate in one sustainable action for 31 days and then share it with us via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #31DaysOfGreen. You can participate with your family, get your co-workers involved or go all in solo. We’ll be providing you with helpful tips everyday starting January 1, 2014, but we want you to share your actions and ideas as well.

It’s easy, just sign up for the challenge and join us in a more environmentally conscious month, that will hopefully lead to better practices going forward for all of us.

Need some more motivation and inspiration? Here’s a Canadian icon interviewing someone that I think is one of the most brilliant ecologically minded people today. Strombo interviewing Suzuki. He’s not one to hold back.

Dom Repta is a Senior Sustainability Analyst at TELUS with over 20 years experience in sustainability and corporate social responsibility work.”


The contest and content are interesting. Each day @Telus, using the #31DaysofGreen hashtag, tweets a daily green tip or trick. The tweets encourage community involvement by tweeting your own personal green tips. A simplistic idea that is also good for the environment with a smattering of prizes thrown in for good measure.


Have you entered or tweeted your green tips yet? Join the #31DaysofGreen with @Telus mobility, let me know what you think and better let me know when you win~

Good Luck!


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