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The Canadian Museum of Nature is launching an new video and speaker series called Nature Talk, beginning tonight, January 15, 2013. This series is running one evening each month,  from January 2013  until April 2013. What appeals to me most about this style of speaker series, is the adaptability  the video segments will have in the classroom. Listening to the TED Talk style videos with experts, noted journalists, and the candid discussions that follow will give students a different view of the subject matter. The notion of what if comes in to play, which gives both the participants and observers an entry point for an outside the box discussion. Once the videos are posted online at people vote on the scenarios proposed or give input about questions from each session. Each video segment will be posted one week after the actual taping takes place. If you are a member of the museum you have first priority in gaining admission to each 40 seat session. Tonight’s session, focused on “de-extinction” is sold out. There are two more English sessions hosted by Globe and Mail science correspondent Ivan Semeniuk. While,  Journalist and TFO host Fabieene L’Abbe will host the French session on February 19th.

Below is a session topic list for the upcoming sessions:

 Wednesday, January 15 (English presentation): De-Extinction: Rethinking Forever – Ivan Semeniuk speaks with palaeontologist and research scientist Dr. Jordan Mallon. (session full).

Wednesday, February 19 (French presentation): Species Hybridization: Re-Thinking Extinction – Fabienne l’Abbe speaks with biologist and curator Dr. Kamal Khidas.

Wednesday, March 18 (English presentation): Plant Intelligence: Re-Thinking Thinking – Ivan Semeniuk speaks with botanist and research assistant Paul Sokoloff.

Wednesday, April 16 (English presentation): Parasites: Re-Thinking Healthy – Ivan Semeniuk speaks with biologist and collections manager Judith Price.

This type of event inspires the participant to re- think, fundamental scientific theories such as extinction and question the notion of what if. This is a more cerebral event, somewhere my inner paleontologist can come out to play and think beyond the written word.

Thank you to Dan and Laura for the opportunity to let my inner geek out to play.

There are three sessions left and limited availability for seating, check out the link for more information.




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