It has been a long cold winter in Canada. There is no doubt in my mind that this weather has had its’s toll on both our mental and physical well being. I love winter, really I do. However, even my love for the wintery weather was waining.

Winter Wonderful

My children’s activities keep me busy to say the least. We have become masters of multitasking including: car homework; pool side reading log completion  and blogging in the parents room at the gymnastics centre. The girls swim and/or in the gym close to 20 hrs per week collectively, for us multitasking is key to maintaning our sanity.

We began using Spectro products this year after my oldest began to suffer dry skin from the cholrine in her practice pool. The dry patches on her hands, would crack and bleed making swimming almost impossible. We began using the kid-friendly Shower gel in January 2014, and quickly noticed a difference in her skin. KT did was not is as much discomfort and could focus more on her swimming, it was a win-win situation for us.


Andie is a gymnast, she loves everything about the gym including the uneven bars. She is at the gym 9 hrs a week . Andie chalks her hands before beginning her routine, which then transfers onto her suit, skin, hair and eventually my car. It is chalk-a-palooza after a training session on the bars. Her hands suffers the most from this activity, she washes them so many times that they become dry and itchy. Andie hates to be itchy, she tells me it’s like spiders on her skin. She has been using the kid-friendly hand mositurizer and the adult protective gel this winter. Even her coach has noticed a difference in her performance as she is not afraid to try new moves to add to her routine.


My son is 5 and is constantly coming home with mystery stains, bumps and bruises. He hates to wear socks and his boots are wet all the time. Due to this wetness his feet, toes and in between spaces take a beating. Beckett also hates having any creams or lotions on him…ever. At night I have been sneaking in once he is asleep and slathering on Spectro’s hypoallergenic cream, it has no perfume and is demonologist recommened. Beckett’s feet have healed nicely and he no longer has cracks between his toes.


Working in a public school,  I am unable to wear perfume or heavily scented toiletries of any kind due to allergies. Using the Spectro products I have been able to keep my skin from suffering and respecting the rules of my workplace.


This is the first time we have used the Spectro line of products and I am impressed. We will be repeat customers.


I was given a selection of Spectro products this winter, this review and opinions are my own.