As an parent, educator and community coach I look at the Active for Life site, for proper coaching techniques, developmental checklists and fun outdoor activities for my three children. I am proud to be hosting a twitter party with them on February 3, 2014, with prizes to capture you special moments with your family and prizes to keep your kids active.

By design Active for Life is:

Active for Life is the place where parents go to learn about how to make a difference in the health and happiness of their children. Research shows there’s a right way and a right time to develop the fundamental movement and sport skills that benefit kids for their entire lives. Learning these basic movement and sports skills is known as becoming physically literate.

Being physically literate is the foundation for being successful in sport and in life. Physical literacy gives active kids the best chance at becoming top-level athletes who may someday compete in high-performance sport. It also results in them leading an active life. And as the word “literacy” implies, just like reading, writing and arithmetic, movement skills need to be taught.

A social enterprise founded by B2ten, Active for Life is a national movement about physical literacy. We target parents who want to raise active and successful kids and we benefit not just them but communities across Canada.

By providing expert advice, inspirational tips and activity ideas we can help parents make sure their children get the recommended daily amount of physical activity. And experts tell us that physically literate kids have fun being active, and that makes them more likely to stay active for life.

Come Chat with Us and Win!

On Monday, February 3, from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. ET (5 p.m. to 6 p.m. PT) we’re hosting a winter Twitter chat. (If you’ve never joined in Twitter chat (or Twitter party as they are sometimes called) that’s no problem. You can easily join in the conversation by starting here.)

Spurred on by our excitement for the upcoming Winter Olympics we’ll be talking about inspiration, passion, and winter activities for kids. Follow the hashtag #AfLkids to meet new friends and chat with other parents, role models, and experts.

We have excellent prizes to give away and we’ll be announcing winners throughout the chat. Sherrie Mae Guthrie will be asking the questions while Diana M. will be announcing the winners. To be eligible for prizes you need to have a Canadian address and you need to pre-register using the form below.

As a warm up, we’re asking parents to tweet, Instagram, or pin photos of the fun and active things your kids love to do. For more chances to win, make sure you use the #AfLkids hashtag.

Don’t forget to RSVP and participate to be eligible to win.

See you on Feb 3rd!

Sherrie-Mae 🙂