My friends at GoFer Productions are looking for some youthful actors to cast in very cool adventure detective web series. They are looking for children ages 8, 10 and 12 to cast in the four roles that need to be filled.

Here is a little about the characters:

Miles Maggins: At 12 years old, Miles is the oldest of the Maggins siblings. He’s the most daring of the trio, however he always keeps a protective eye on Max and Maddie. He idolizes James Bond and always finds the most exciting and creative gadgets to help solve cases.
Max Maggins: Obsessed with science, Max attempts to concoct new experiments daily. Although they tend to blow up in his face, literally. The 10 year old stays on point and never gives up, much like his hero, Albert Einstein. He’s always the first to crack a joke, or state his opinion, and his goofy demeanor frequently gets the trio into and out of sticky situations.

Maddie Maggins: Maddie’s passion for mysteries ignites the screen as she helps her brothers stay focused. Only being 8 years old proves difficult when trying to be taken seriously. however Maddie is the bravest and most adventurous of the bunch. She is always looking for a journey. just like her hero, Amelia Earhart.
Johnny Krumbert: Johnny wants nothing more than to be included with the Maggins trio. The only problem is that he’s scared of everything! He attempts to bring them mysteries, however most of them have been solved or don’t need solving. Always wanting to help in some way, Johnny will show up on a “crime scene,” invited or not.

My three are not actors, but they could all lawyers when they explain why they cannot clean their rooms. This is an excellent opporunity for budding actors to land a role that will take them viral.

Here is a little more about the selection process:

We are accepting ages 7 to 12, boys or girls, to audition for the role of “Johnny”
Please use the audition material provided. Your first audition is done through video. All videos must begin with a parent or legal guardien stating their name and giving verbal permission. Two minutes or less per audition. You may audition for more than one character. Start your audition by stating your name and the role you are auditioning for
*Auditions are open NOW until January 24th by 11:59pm EST. Submit your electronic auditions to
If you have any questions please email Nikki at

*Please note, only those chosen will be contacted for the second round of
auditions. Good Luck and have a blast!
Please visit website for audition material – !casting/c1wak

This type of show makes me wish my kids were into acting. Let me know if you audition and, of course, when you land the role!