Coffee is my forte, good coffee that is. I have had a decade long love affair with @StarbucksCanada. Over a Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte, I have laughed, cried, shared pregnancy stories and grown closer with my girlfriends. You could say, I am loyal customer.

I also believe in the power of good karma and random acts of kindness. That is why I am happy to announce that Starbucks has an easier than ever way to send someone you love a coffee. I cannot tell you how many times on Twitter I have sent a virtual coffee or caffeine to a bleary eyed #earlyriser. My #EarlyRiser tweeps and I have at length conversations about the beauty of the coffee we are consuming. Now I can actually send them my favourite Starbucks coffee via Twitter.

Vice-President of Starbucks Canada Richard Burjaw, explains the program:

“Starbucks is a gathering place that creates moments of connection between people every day. Tweet-a-coffee is a brand new way for our customers to connect with friends and followers and share the gift of Starbucks instantly. Whether it’s to say #thank you, #congratulations or simply #justbecause we’re thrilled to enable the ability for customers to spread some kindness.”

Who will your first Tweet-a-Coffee tweet go to? Your BFF on the other side of the country, your favourite Olympic hockey player in Sochi,  when she/he scores her/his first goal of the games, or the weather man when he tells you the Polar Vortex is officially over. Whomever it is, you will make their day. Thanks to the partnership between @TwitterCanada and @StarbucksCanada my gift giving experience has just become easier & a little more personal for me. Combining  my love of Starbucks and my Twitter addiction into a tool for goodwill…oh yes, life is good my friends, life is good.

The fabulous head of Twitter Canada, Kirstine Stewart, explains:

“Canadians are among the world’s most active Internet users and with millions of Canadians engaging on Twitter, Tweet-a-Coffee represents an incredible opportunity for Canadians to engage, share and gift in new, simple way.” 

Just a few clicks and your Tweet-a-Coffee is on its way to make someone’s day:

Beginning today, registered Starbucks account customers across Canada can now send a $5.00 Starbucks Card eGift through Twitter by following a few simple steps:

  • Visit to get started and to link your Starbucks account and your Twitter account
  • Follow the instructions to send a Tweet to @tweetacoffee and to the gift recipient’s Twitter handle
  • The recipient will receive a link on Twitter with details on how to claim their $5 eGift.
  • You can send more eGifts directly on Twitter by sending a Tweet using @tweetacoffee

Customers can redeem the $5 Starbucks Card eGift at participating Starbucks stores in Canada either by printing out the eGift, showing it directly on their mobile device, or by loading it to their Starbucks mobile app.  Customers in Canada can also send eGifts via email online at


This is just the program I have been waiting for. I cannot tell you how many times I have checked Facebook or Twitter and found out it was someone’s birthday. I usually call my Sister or Mother and ask them to send flowers, but now I can just tweet a happy birthday message & a coffee from my favourite coffee-house.

This YouTube video was released explaining how to Tweet a Coffee, basically “a new way to say, you are awesome”.

Who will you send your first Tweet-a-Coffee to?