Old Navy and I have had a very long history.  Before the kids came along it was the place I would by thematic dog collars for Snickers & Easton. By far my favorite dog collars are the red & white Valentine’s Day collars I bought them when they were puppies. Now, as a teacher I enjoy being very thematic in my clothing choices during special holidays. Old Navy had  the most affordable and  the best selection of Halloween, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day gear. My favorite items include pajama pants, long sleeve graphic tee’s and fun socks.

Old Navy is at is again this Valentines Day! Old Navy keeps our hearts aflutter with flirty Valentine’s Day finds starting at under $20. That is the perfect price point to keep my family and I stylish and fun this Valentine’s Day. 

Check out more of the affordable styles at www.oldnavy.ca ! Here are a couple of my favorites:

The Love Sweater 

385791 ON $27.94 Novelty Love Sweater Jan 28.jpg.jpg

The Poplin PJ Pants

330716 ON $12.94 Printed Poplin PJ Pants.jpg.jpg

The super Crepe Dress

330717 ON $32.94 Women's Crepe Dress copy.jpg.jpg

There are so many great deals on line and in store! Happy Shopping 🙂