I wanted to thank Fadi for sitting down with me and chatting about THANN. Check out my blog at and enter to win a $100 THANN gift card!


If there was one THANN product you could give to every woman Ottawa, what would it be and why? 


That’s actually a very hard question. It’s very difficult to choose as we have so many top sellers at THANN. The Shiso Skincare line is very popular or the Jasmine Blossom Hand Cream. But one product that has always been our Top seller worldwide year after year is the NANO SHISO BODY BUTTER. Made with cocoa butter, licorice and shiso extract, it just divine! It’s like God’s gift to women! From the smell to feel, it’s rich, exquisite and just perfect. On top of that, it has all the great benefits of Nano Shiso – it’s full of anti-oxidants and it’s a natural sunscreen.  It’s always been popular among new Moms and pregnant women, as it’s been known to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.



THANN products seem to be the number one gift right now for women, what product for men do you wish more people knew about?


What people don’t usually know is that THANN was always designed for both men and women. You will notice from our shops to product colours and designs to the different scents we use –  orange, lemongrass, nutmeg, green tea – scents that are neither dominantly male or female and all are used very subtly.


Personally, my favourites are the Rice Charcoal Soap, Rice Moisturizing Cream, Shower gels and of course the Aromatic Wood Shampoo, which is the shampoo of choice at many top hotels worldwide.


What is next for THANN, what do you think 2013 will bring?


We are very excited about our new direction, we are growing the brand stronger. We have shifted to a mostly online operation but have also been busy expanding into opening new Pop Up Shops similar to our partner Adishesha Yoga. 


We aim to have THANN more accessible not only in Ottawa but in different cities, in addition to Toronto and Montreal. 2012 has been a very successful year for us and our goal is not only to replicate that success but to make 2013 another EPIC year!