Twitter has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful people and attend interesting events. However, when the lovely ML of invited me to experience Wall Yoga I will admit I was a intrigued and jumped at the opportunity to attend.


The attire at the celebration was an eclectic mixture of very well fashioned professionals and full yoga gear clad participants. The common thread amongst all the guests was they were all shoeless. As simple as that sounds, it brought the party to a different more comfortable level then I imagined it would be. The environment was very welcoming and I quickly began interacting with the patrons.


This Adi SheSha Yoga Zone is located on Wellington West, although the do have another studio in The Glebe. I do love the philosophy of Adi SheSha:

In short, our motto is: “Get Real”!

Use your body, mind, relationships – any tools at hand to realize who you are.

Let go of habitual patterns that the mind entertains and the body holds.

Unplug what is stuck, allowing for the flow of clear thought and space for the body to be at ease.  Listen deeply to feel the aliveness of each cell, of each breath.

We can do it in many different ways while holding the space in great attention.  We can work with our body – stretch it, twist it, invigorate it with strength.  We can work with our breath – lengthen it, hold it, move it in various ways. We can sit still and just watch. We can garden or paint or listen to awesome music. Pick anything and it can be very useful! The trick is to pay attention – to be “here”, to be present. Here – not lost in the mind stuff. Awake!


The instructors demonstrated the different Wall Yoga techniques and positions. Once I saw the way the apparatus is incorporated into the yoga session it completely  made sense. The gravitational pull coupled with the specific poses gives the patrons a double dose of healthy benefits.


THANN skincare was also present at the gala event. There were massages, samples and demonstrations for everyone. There is a well stocked pop up shop in Ali SheSha ready for the Christmas shopping season. My favorite skin care product so far is the Rice Extract Moisturizing Cream. However, I cannot wait to test more of these products.

A little about THANN:
All THANN products contain carefully chosen and dermatologically tested natural ingredients, extensively sourced from around the world to give you a broad range of skincare, body and hair care line for both men and women. With the combination of rice bran oil – rich in natural antioxidants and vitamin E to fight free radicals and exotic concentrated botanical essential oils, THANN offers a higher than average blending strengths to elevate the therapeutic benefits of these essential oils.

Will I try Wall Yoga, absolutely..with several of my closest girlfriends without cameras of course! Having not tried yoga before, I was nervous about not fitting into to this cohort. However one patron, Phillip and I spoke at length about how yoga has improved his life. He spoke softly about his wife who was currently away on a yoga retreat, you could her how much he missed her with the tome of his voice. Phillip had not seen his wife in over a month, but she was on a life changing retreat and he was happy for her. That kind of interaction you cannot plan, it happens organically. Thank you to ML for inviting me and introducing me to this inclusive community.