I reached the tipping point, it was time to either quit the dabbling the PR world or make a serious effort into creating my own business. The social media elite (@weewelcome, @yummymummy @PTPA) had all given me the opportunity to explore their domain, and I will always be loyal to them for taking a chance with me. Now I realize that we here in the Ottawa or GOA need the same Social Media Marketing and  Mobile Marketing expertise as our larger markets. Yes, GOA is a smaller area, but no I am not limited myself or my business, I am working within my field of expertise. It truly is all about connections who you know and when you know it, but the other part to that puzzle is who you are. Fake or plastic personalities do not work in this business, that is where I excel. My personality makes people at ease and that is my greatest asset. Wether you are a small business looking to make a presence in social media, an inventor with a product/website that needs exposure via Mobile media, or a reporter with a parent/family/mommy blogger HARO request in the GOA, I have your connections. If I don’t I can direct you to the proper larger company for your needs. I continue to test products for various companies ethically, meaning I am not paid for testing products, I give my honest opinion, in exchange for the chance to test the product via PTPA and  independently on my blog. I will continue to represent the fabulous WeeWelcome and be a YummyMummy whenever possible. The tipping point has made my PR business a reality, and to Alsion, Kelli, CL, Carrie Anne, Tamara, Ziyada, Tina and my dear friend Tanya, thanks for the encouragement, I am finally ready to jump.